Great Old Radio Shows – Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy


Besides being mesmerized by the wonderful old radio demonstrates once I had been a kid, I was also fascinated by puppets and ventriloquism.

I first remember watching Edgar Bergen on tv as a guest on several different reveals – that I could not show you that of them, but I understand his guest appearances were fairly common.

And then I recall him as the first host on Can You Trust Your Wife? Which later became Who Would You Trust? Once the series shifted titles it also shifted hosts, along with a very young and unknown Johnny Carson took over and replaced Charlie McCarthy with Ed McMahon radio garden live.

As a kid I did not think Bergen was that great a ventriloquist because I could see his mouth moving if he was talking because of his dummies. That has been when I was young and did not get how gifted the guy was.

He had been also a excellent ventriloquist for radio, which, in addition, was very groundbreaking breaking in the 1930s when Bergen’s old radio series became a hit hit hit. Think about this – putting that a ventriloquist about the radio?

While the decades passed, I took on a completely new admiration for Edgar Bergen’s genius.

He was perhaps not even a kid’s act. His routines weren’t designed to get a child’s birthday party or even perhaps a Saturday early morning show. His bits were equally smart and sophisticated, sassy, and, occasionally, a little… shall we say, risqué?

He had great chemistry with

personalities. Bergen emerged as the moderate, virtually shy father figure to Charlie’s witty, humorous, rebellious”son” Their trades could shoot past you such as lasers with Bergen planning and outside of Charlie’s voice for an remarkable clip.

It is no wonder how a lot from the radio crowd then imagined Charlie was a true boy.

And who is able to forget Mortimer Snerd? Exactly what a Good Alterego into Charlie.

Mortimer was gracious and funny and absolutely harmless. He understood he was stupid, but because he had been dumb he didn’t care. Not like the sarcastic Charlie, he never said an unkind word to anyone.

When I had been a young child Mortimer was my personal favorite since he was of the cartoon character.

I love to listen to the Bergen and McCarthy old radio series, especially when, since the series’s next segment has been released, Mortimer’s theme music is sold on. The audience breaks into applause and you’ll be able to listen to them laughing as (of course ) Mortimer is ushered onto the stage.

Bergen left a dab radio after becoming introduced to The Rudy Vallee present at the early 30s. Edgar had his or her own show for several decades afterwards, also it became fashionable for its stars of the age want to show up to the show and also trade barbs with Charlie.

Possibly the most famed adversary of Charlie has been W.C. Fields who called Charlie while the son of the gate-leg dining table and the later notion of a woodpecker.

Yet another famous (or infamous) bit on The Edgar Bergen Display involved a look by Mae West in 1939. West played Eve at the Garden of Eden — she played our original mommy with all the famous Mae West twist and the appearance gained her banned by tv and almost expense Bergen his occupation with Chase and Sanborn, his longtime sponsors.