Oxygen Concentrator – Using an Oxygen Concentrator


Using an oxygen concentrator can benefit you in a number of ways, and can be used for a variety of reasons. Portable oxygen concentrators are most commonly used for oxygen therapy, which is a type of medical intervention for both acute patient care as well as chronic problems. Whether you are suffering from a chronic medical condition or an acute (short-term) problem, you can use these devices to help you in several ways. Here, we’ll go over how to use an concentrator to treat a number of different problems.

Concentrators are used to increase the level of oxygen in a room, rather than giving oxygen directly to a patient. Concentrators are used as an alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen, and are not only less expensive and more convenient (as they do not have to be connected directly to the person to function), but are also safer, as oxygen tanks have a number of hazards connected with them Persian oxygen generator. A typical oxygen concentrator typically retails for roughly eight hundred dollars, and can be used in virtually any room. The devices have a number of different settings to allow patients to achieve the right oxygen levels for a room, from twenty-one percent concentration (typical room levels) up to forty-five percent concentration. Levels are available in seven different increments of four percent.

Concentrators are available both for use in patients’ homes, as well as in portable oxygen varieties that can be moved with the patient in order to maintain oxygen levels in various places. These concentrators can even be plugged into vehicle DC adapters in order to be used in personal automobiles. If you suffer from a condition that requires oxygen therapy, then having an oxygen concentrator can be a significantly more convenient solution than lugging around a tank of compressed oxygen, especially when you are at home.

Oxygen concentrators can also be used in industrial applications. An industrial concentrator typically provides higher flow rates and higher pressure than individual medical units, and industrial concentrators are used in aquaculture as well as many other industries. Industrial concentrators are sometimes called oxygen generators to help distinguish them from personal oxygen concentrators. If you suffer from a condition that requires oxygen therapy, consider an concentrator for your home and a portable oxygen concentrator for your vehicle, as well as other locations you frequent.