A Note To Food Manufacturers


Food manufacturing in the US has always been about convenience, product availability, taste and price. The more society ventured away from the family room and kitchen, the more food manufacturers developed a market or niche for their products in the home in the cupboards. Processed foods no longer are limited to flour and sugar on the country store shelf, but have evolved to include the variety of foods eaten daily and taken from restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores.

As the commonality of quick processed foods increases throughout the world, health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cancer also have become common and inevitable to the point that “1 in 3 American adults have Insulin how to manufacture a product , a naturally-occurring illness”, and this may just be the start.

It is the intention to not only create additives and ingredients that will benefit today’s market but will benefits today’s generation as they age.

By using products such as”SugarBlendtm”,also”FlourBlendtm,, in drinks, cakes, cookies, candies, breads, pastries, and snacks, and today’s children will have increased mineral uptake, aiding in the prevention of Osteoporosis as they age, increasing bowel function, reducing the likelihood of colon cancer and by aiding in the control of blood sugar levels that may cause diabetes later in life. These”Functional” properties are accomplished without side effects that might cause consumers to reject manufactured items. These negative effects include sweeteners that cause a laxative effect, gas, bloating, aftertaste and degrading sweetness in high heat.

We note that parents today are becoming more educated and aware in the direction of nutrition, particularly in relation to growing kids. If foods are eaten that increase calcium in the bones today, twenty years from today, it is possible that this production will not suffer from Osteoporosis or Colon Cancer. When foods are eaten today that keep blood sugar steady and absorb slowly in the gut, not only will the child have protection from disease, however they also have a lessor chance of developing diabetes twenty years from now also.

Manufactures using these products today can influence the overall health of future generation and secure their markets for tomorrow. We create first rate ingredients and additives by being on the frontier of research. The demands of fast paced lives and lifestyles shouldn’t cost the health of the human race. We will help food manufactures become more health conscious and competitive with marketing strategies that will put them above the others of the pack.

Today, the education of the public on nutrition is vastly brought about through mass media, by informational commercials, through news media, T.V. discussion shows, magazine articles and newspaper articles.

High protein, low fat, low-fat diets have gained popularity through media blitzes on celebrity books, university studies, restaurant menus and nutritional labels. These diet plans also have gained popularity by the prove results, some of the newest diets include Glycemic Indexing, or the blood glucose response to the manufactured products. We assess our food formula’s for impact to blood sugar response by doing in vivo oral tolerance tests. Each formula is created to not only aid in control of nutritional conditions, but that the side-effects of that formula is good for the human body. We offer In Vivo testing for any of our manufacturing clients that want to use Glycemic Indexing guidelines for marketing their products.

*AACE, AC of Endo. Conference, 08-25-26, 2003