Multi Table Sit and Go Poker Strategy

In recent years, both multi-table tournaments (MTTs) and single table “Sit & Go” tournaments (SNGs) have become hugely popular with all of the online poker sites. More recently though, multi table SNGs, which mix the best elements of the two styles have started to be spread at the major sites.

Ranging from just 2 to as many as 20 or more tables, these multi-table SNGs give the thrill of a tournament, but still start as soon as enough players have registered just like a regular sit’n’go. Since they are often spread in turbo formats, and since they only take an hour or two to play, but offer relatively large prize pools, they are becoming more and more popular with regulars and recreational players. Whether you’re a MTT or single table SNG player, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to your game if you want to be successful at this format of poker.

Most traditional SNGs have a payout structure of 50%, 30%. As more tables are added the structure changes. In a 2 table game, the top 20% (as opposed to 30% on a single table) are paid with a flatter structure of 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% Online betting malaysia.

That means there is less incentive for being aggressive at the later stages. Every place past the button earns you an additional 10%. In a one table SNG, taking risks to have a shot at first place tends to be good strategy, but in a 2 table format, just making the money and then creeping up the places makes more sense. Second place earns 75% of what first place earns, so you’re better off just making it to second, than risk busting in forth in an attempt to win. With that in mind, you should be less happy to gamble once you’ve built a stack than you would in a one table SNG, with a more cautious approach being a better strategy.

You’ll find that many players will still be playing too tight, and folding too often on the bubble so you can take advantage to steal the ever increasing blinds. Since the blinds and antes tend to be quite large at this point there is no need to shove. 3BB – 4BB raises from the cutoff and button will be enough to take down the blinds most of the time, without risking your entire stack. When you are 3bet from the blinds you can be reasonably sure your opponent has a real hands (unless they keep 3betting in which case you’ll need to adjust accordingly).

As soon as the bubble does burst many players will start going all-in. The best strategy here is to tighten up and be patient. Just bide your time and wait for the other players to bust out with their all-ins and you’ll probably move up a spot or two. Once the mad rush has settled down you can turn up the aggression again, and play for the win.

Multi-table sit and gos, especially the 2 table SNGs can be both fun, and a reliable way of making a steady profit. Variance in these games is much lower than in typical MTTs, but you’re still getting the experience of tournament play, so if you find cash games too slow, or you just want a new challenge, these might be your perfect game!


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