Three Major Reasons to Switch From iOS to Android


Often it seems burdensome for any tech user regarding the reasons if one choose Android over iOS or switch to another OS. Both the technologies are hard competing against one another for winning over majority of tech clients. However, if you are confronting the dilemma of Android within i-OS then whatever you want to be aware of the causes of doing this. Let us find three important reasons to change from i-OS on Android.

Screen Size and Content Display

Let’s first start with probably the most critical thing which immediately strikes any consumer, the monitor. Looking at the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S III you could wonder regarding the screen of your iPhone 4S. After you get familiar with using Samsung the Apple phone screen Emus4U might seem too small for you personally. Something else which can strike you immediately is how an i-phone appears caked in the car dock contrary to the Galaxy S III. This makes sense particularly if you’re looking for internet info on something specific and also need to learn it require immediate navigation you might be ready to see it plainly. With iPhone it seems that the mobile has vanished from the dock itself.

Look at it this way the measurement of Galaxy S III is 4.8 inch against i-phone 4S with only 3.4-inch display. This really does makes a great deal of difference particularly when it comes to displaying content and helping somebody else with navigation purpose. Still another advantage that Samsung has over Apple phone is that of programs. The apps display in Samsung provides you two viewing categories, articles and list views. If it comes to its equal, fewer list items which means it is hard for an individual to go through the contents. In addition, larger screen provides you with better viewing experience.

Comparing the pixel density of those two smart-phones this indicates that the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 measure up the same. Reading an ebook is comfortable on both the mobiles with wide margins to this material display. Similarly, e mail messages and newsreader are simple to read, scroll and zoom. The HD quality of video is impressive, goes while you’re reading e-comics. Both the mobiles are at level given any screening angle that the content is clear and comprehensible.

Apart from this if we focus upon the screen diameter it seems that though i-phone has a tall screen but Galaxy S III screen continues to be better in other aspects. The clear content display, simplicity of typing text and also superior keyboard design are a few of the qualities which are better compared to an iPhone.

Working Around with Programs

When it involves collaboration in programs Android rules, because the programs seem to stick to one another while with an i-OS apparatus it seems that all program remains outside the sandboxes. This means when you attempt to go information amongst programs you will have to go through multiple apps. Sharing data so becomes a tedious task between moving amongst many apps which is certainly time consuming.

For example if you are surfing and would like to explain the info using Evernote then all you want to do is choose Share and then Evernote. Using iphone sharing advice is much less simple. It really is a lot more like customized strategies for URL or when the apps are intended to come together. Saving page to Instapaper, Pocket or Evernots requires downloading and installing it and storing the bookmark. With Android you can find two basic methods, tap Share-> Evernote. Unlike Apple, copy, paste, install, bookmark and other complicated measures.


If you’re wanting to customize your iPhone then you definitely want to either jail-break it or anything changes you want to produce would be not limited. Quite simply you can’t over ride the default settings of one’s iPhone. However if you want to customize your Android mobile then it is possible to simply hunt online for various ways to execute it and then make the required changes. It is possible to create or enable preferences which are well suited to your own likes and dislikes.

For the above given three reasons it’s clear that Android is user friendly and is better than an i-OS apparatus. You may simply earn a switch or opt to buy the samsung-galaxy S III over iphone 4S or 5.

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